Nn Preteens


Related article: Date: Monday, April 4, 2011 January 17. 37 -0600 From: Andrew Lorenzetti u003candrewgay41 hotmail. Chapter 9 n Andy Lake 18 years or more to read this story - broken tears 9 broken tears : com u003e Subject. Stop, if the idea of ​​sex between same-sex couples dislike sex, , and if so, they are, what the hell are you here? ? Thank you, Stephen, are available for treatment and disposal. All usual disclaimers apply. If you are not supossed to read, , then it should not, but I know I can not stop. * Sigh * All these characters are fictional, all made by me, thank twisted my fantasy, but erotic. I am the author, so obviously I have the history and copyrights. You can only n be distributed or downloaded for personal pleasure with my approval. -------------------------------------------- - --------------------------- ---- Recap - " dad, what are you doing? " I asked him approached him. " realization," she said breathlessly, still stuck. " Dad, is thbefore you do something wrong? "I asked anxiously. " Nothing, " he said to stop and take a look in my eyes. There was a vacant look in her eyes, and this view is still after me.. He saw this empty.. see... It has left me confused...... ------------------------ ------- ------------------- ------------------------ --- ************************ Party Time - Chapter 9 *** *********** ********** I left the room confused. What happens to dad why not ot Marky ? is too weird. I went to my room and shut the door. This was one of the things I loved in my room. the door could only be opened from the outside, if he knew the code, and only my father s. otherwise, it can only come from within. I lay in bed still thinking about my father. What is happening in your life that can make it changed so much? do not know what it is, but there's something big for his will serve as acting. "Open up! We are here ! " I've heard of Li tthe other side of the door. I that was opened, and left behind her with Cale. N "How do you practice? " I asked Caleb. He seemed a little bitter. " Well, ok, but stupid Brandon made ​​me lose the race. It s only on the track team, so the advantages for a coach and is on the football team is. "I said angrily. " Did you do anything for you? " I asked anxiously, as we all sat in my bed. Li has long blond hair and smooth to the neck, and then it is curls over her breasts. She is really cute and all, and if I that would be my type. Cale, well, that's what we call a young man Great! Slim cut and build a beautiful face with beautiful eyes. " No, but managed with the coach so that he could win my race. " He s still mad he said. " Well, let's be calm. At least not beaten or anything. " Said Li n rubbed her back. " Yeah I know, and you are better than him. Only pressure nearest time. I believe in you. " Isaid to embrace him. " Awwww, is not it cute? " Li said, squeezing my cheeks. Cale just hugged me fixed. " I love you, little man, and do not see why scapegoats for you. You are what sweetest ever. " He told me that I blushed. " Well, you said you met a man ! " Li said, shaking hands with excitement. " Well, yes. There is nothing, because he is someone else in the game, , and he says he broke up with him as soon as possible to me, but I n Enter the name up it's official. "he said, smiling. " This is bad!" He said, grumpy, laughing. " Yeah!" Li said that the poor face. " I know, but settled with him until things go down to Group Kyle, " he said, smiling. " Oohh, the party.. Nn Preteens I do not want to go, guys. 'm A little geek, and anti -social, if you have not noticed. " I said with a Nn Preteens smile. " Maybe, but so there you go. Exit the shell! " Caleb said, a smile. " Yes, you must go, or I hate you. " Li said, kissing on the cheek. " Ok, but what we wear? " I asked. " SwimwearThe ear, silly. There is a pool party ! "Said Li hitting me on the back of the head. " Oohh, right. "I said, what a silly grin. N " Well, I'll Speedo ! " Caleb said Nn Preteens with a smile. " Really? I put my pokemon shirt and a suitcase. "I said smiling. It looked at me like I was crazy. " Pokemon T-shirt? ! People will laugh at you ! " Li said with concern. " Whatever. I love pokemon. "I said, laughing, and both sighed in defeat s. " Well, like you. Now let's change! "Li said when she s on the way to the bathroom and got dressed she came out with a double piece pink bikini and she looked beautiful... I'm not gay, blind,.. ) n " Li, you look beautiful. " She told me she blushed. " Thank you. I just wanted to have just your opinion on my bathing suit. "She said, smiling. Then some booty shorts and a white shirt, the" disposition to read Pop Queen "with a bathing suit underneath. " My turn, "said Cale, as he went to the bathroom. he came in a close red speedometer, which merged with skin tanned byperfect. He looked so hot! His six -pack was clearly defined, and their hairless legs looked so strong! N " WOOHOOO ! " Li shouted as a whistle. " You look great, Cale. " I said smiling, as she blushed. It took a bit of swimming trunks of the trees on the speedometer and the shirt. " My turn " I said rolling my eyes. I went into the bathroom with clothes put my glasses in the sink when I changed. I stopped and put my glasses again, left, and both were AWWWW " You look so cute! " Li said. I was wearing a gray shirt with Nn Preteens a Pikachu in the front and a pokeball on the back. I was wearing knee length swimsuit and my glasses with blond hair and a little messy. " Yes, you look edible. I thought the pokemon shirt was a mistake, but that s looks so cute ! " Said Cale came to me and kissed my cheek. " Hands off. When Jeff found out, he 'd be dead. " Li said, laughing like Cale. We all put on my bed to talk about things and laugh and sing about picking random songs. It was fun. We were binding, since only the best friends to do. that ends only two episodes of pokemon, and they were laughing at my excitement when I yelled at the screen. Suddenly, it was time for the n the game. I went downstairs, and my father was still hitting the punch pocket. "Dad, can you write to a friend's house... " I said carefully walk n to him. He kept punching and looked so sad and angry. I approached him and hugged him. He froze and stopped beating. He hugged and relaxed, since n was a small sob. " Daddy, what 's going on? " I asked, as tears came to my eyes. " Nothing, my son. It's just that I have to do with a couple of things. You know I like you, right? " He said as he kissed her head and sobbed a little more. " Dad, do not know you to be sad. " He told me a big hug. " I know my son, but I have to be alone and that my anger. Please forgive I am too far. " Sorry. I treat you bad in recent times. "He said when he kissed me gently on the head. " It 's okay dad,.... I understand, you can write to me,Cale, and Li in Kyle House ? "I said he nodded and went into his room, his sweat Change of shirt. dad took us to Kyle and I kissed goodbye the cheek as I ran out car. we made our way in a big house. My house is large, but Kyles n is twice as big, we went to the double doors and knocked. were waiting for a few seconds before Kyle opened the door and went with a smile glass of beer in hand. " Guys, you got it! " He said as he left us in " Yes, we are here for you. "Cale said seductively as Kyle of smile n. Returned n went in and damn that was a big party. There was a dance floor decorated in a sandy beach and stuff. It was great ! Nn Preteens Was a large - ass out of the pool, the sO DAMN bIG, and five Olympic swimming pools in a war with a large island, which I assumed was a bar. n "Wow ! His house is big. "I said when Kyle. Was " I know. You look very pretty. " He said he came up and kissed me on the cheek. I blushed, and Cale gave me a dirty look. So bACK. "Thank you. " I said, look at my feet. After a while Li was on the dance floor with some good guys, and Kyle Cale flirting big. It was so obvious when he disappeared n above. I was sitting on a stool away from the party and drink coup, when there was a loud Brandon. "TY ! Pokemon? Are you serious? " He said with laughter when he came to me. " You had to come. " I said with a sigh. " Yes, and this game is awesome, but why are you here alone? If the area of ​​ kitchen, the only queer? " He joked with a grin.. " Go to hell " I said, jumping off the stool. I was dating when someone burst through the door I was going to operate. " The man saved, I have to vomit !" A drunk man said burst into the kitchen, and is an evil smile crept into the face of Brandon. He went to his friend and became the boys in front of me. Bran said some nasty comments, and his friend vomited on me. I looked at Bran, who laughed heartily, and I felt tears in my mailyes, like vomit soaked my shirt and bathing suit. "will mourn, pussyboy ? " Bran said with a grin. "Why so mean to me ?" I said as tears streamed down my face. " Because I 'm anti- fag, and since they are one, my gut tells me that your brilliant life and enjoy every second of it, if you o no. " He said , with an evil grin. I saw him, and he laughed more difficult. I looked down and tears streamed down my face, and left the room with of his friend. She did not cry myself to know what to do when a girl came and saw me with a sad smile. He was about 5'11 ", very big for a girl who looked about 17 years old, and seemed to Kyle. " Hey, girl. Are you drunk? "Asked a soft voice. " N -no, but some of my husband shot me. "He said, sobbing. " Oh, girl, do not cry. I'll give you some clothes, "said a my ​​hand and led me with a firm hand. " Thank you, ma'am. "I said after closely. N " I'm Erika, Kyle 's sister. Nice to meet you... "She said, leaving room for I will introduce myself. " I'm Tyler Jacobs. Nice to meet you. "I said with a smile. Vio by me and smiled warmly. " So, are you Tyler. They are as cute as Kyle said you were a complete and the treasure! I can understand why everyone likes it. " She said that when we enter a room. " Thank you. I think I'm like a little child for everyone, so everyone feels the need to protect. "I said blushing. " Believe me, I've heard through these thin walls at night, Kyle wants to something that protect it. "She said with a smile, and I RED blushed and laughed a little. " You're so bad. When I said I would find I hate you. "I said still laughing. " So you do not know, cheeks well, sweet ? "She said, picking through some drawers. " No, it's not! So what you're looking for? "I asked as she looked at him. " Well, Kyle tribes will not fit, but Robbie Power. He is our little brother. He is 12 andabout your size, but do not worry, he's tall for his age n. "She said trying to make me feel better about my height. " Thank you. "He told me to walk with her when she took some of these tight swimsuit that just go above the knee, as long underwear. " These are good for you, go on and take a bath and come back here. Leave your clothes in the hamper. "She said she dug a shirt. I went to the bathroom and closed the door lock. I made my n to a way to the shower and took a long bath, hot, and it was really a great \\ \\ n smell of coconut and vanilla shampoo there. I think I lost all have of it, but hell, it smelled very good finish, I mean, hot shower and put a robe in the temples were hanging from the shower and wrapped around my body. was a little too big for me and made me a kind of funny. I went to Erika shorts and a shirt that looks at I n "I do not wear one beats his wife. They put my arms. "I even said a litte account. " Well,this is the only Robbie shirt that fits well. "She said, to leave the room for privacy. I took the clothes, lost gown and got into his pants with a bit of a struggle. It was difficult to in my ass, but eventually I'm ready and I was a wife beater out, too. was a little tight for my taste, I like, with long, loose as T -shirts. I went to the mirror and planted all the uncertainties Brandon I head, and ran towards me. I heard it in my head screaming fag ! WORHTLESS UGLY! looked at my reflection, and I was upset. my body was tense, I always loooking good, but since Brandon met I felt like I was shit, and apparently, I ended n believe it. I looked at my legs. are long and bare, and is the only covered short a few inches above the knee. I felt disgusted, as that I wanted to laugh, and I felt all this hatred, which was unknown to me. I loved everything about me, but BraI also destroyed ndon easy. I turned around and looked at my ass. He looked very fat and round, had a bit too big for my body and I felt like I was too hip for a man. close marked the ass too, and uncertainty and I wondered if he should out of the room. This idea was floating around my head with the many others on self- hatred for Brandon, and I started thinking to little about suicide. It was easy for me, and I could not help but wonder, why. " Ready? " Erika said that when she looked out the door. " Yes. " I said, looking down. " WOOOW You look great ! You are so beautiful !" She said that when she was I, and his eyes were glued to my ass. " Thanks. " I said, still a little sad. " Well, let's go, so you can have fun. " She said as she took the hand of my s. " I do not think I... " she said with tears in their eyes. " Why? " She asked me to the bed and sat with me. " Well, I feel ugly. Lately, I 'm sorry. " I SAIdentification break as she hugged me. "You're ugly, and even if it does, why should I? Human type other shit, because they are insecure, and want you to feel the same way , but you say " not perfect ? an idiot? Well, as long as you say yourself, there's nothing wrong. Therefore, you can not get you. "She said with a smile. I felt safe with his words. I and took her hand we headed back to the party. People danced around them all, however, and Brandon was there with his friend. I vomit heard the words come and rethink his big mouth, and then no many of the laughter of his friends. I looked down, as if ashamed I went down the stairs. I've always been a little hungry, so I went to the table to blow and get some cheetos. I cleaned my glasses and the tears its spotted a little, and when I put it back, Kyle \\ \\ n front of me. " Kyle! Have fun with Cale? "I asked, laughing as Nn Preteens I took it and ate some chipsthem. He looked at his eyes rested my body. I blushed and took a sip of my career. " You look hot. " He said in a whisper, as he smiled and blushed. N "Thank you, Kyle. " I said while taking a sip of my surprise. "You're welcome, and yes, we've had our fun, but now I think dance with some girls on the dance floor. " He said, nodded to the dance floor. " Oohh, cool. So when we swim? " I asked a little anxious. " Well, about a couple of hours, the girl begins the grill, and let's go the pool for a while," he said as his eyes were glued my ​​hips. " Well, I can not wait, I love swimming. " I said as I walked away from him. I went to Li, who now sits on the side of the guy who threw up on me, , and were on the couch, where it was Brandon. " Fagg - " Brandon looked at me with big eyes and could not finish his words. "You 're the guy who threw up on me! That was Nn Preteens rude! " Noted that the type with Li "What? " Lisaid that up immediately. " was a mistake. I was too drunk, man. Please forgive me! " Was declared as Li 's body seemed as if unwilling to lose. I have sympathy n and looked at him and nodded his head and sighed when Li sat next to it. " Well, you look good ! " Li said, as she meant to me to turn around. E n and looked and saw his eyes wide upon arrival and squeezed my ass. " HEY! " I said as I turned and looked. " Someone has a soft Tushie ! Everyone wants a go? " She said smiling. Vi about the guy who threw up on me and Brandon and sweating saw another guy sitting it. " Fuck you, I want to go swimming!Go!" I said, she came to live with in the direction of the pool and throw guy, Alex, we followed. The three ran and jumped into the pool immediately. It was so good, , and soon joined almost everyone in the school. The pool was full of people swimming and playing. "Hey, somebody PLAY CHICKENFighting ? "I've heard Li crying loudly. " ME! " Shouted back. She looked up at Alex 's shoulder, and I , according to Caleb, but he was not there. " I 'll take you. "I heard that Brandon behind me. " In death, perhaps. "I said, a little scary. N " Maybe. "He was near me and went under water. I looked at him n and my ass felt his hands clenched tightly, immediately jumped in and swam away, and left the water with an evil grin on his face. I shook the n to him and looked around for Caleb again, but could Nn Preteens not find him. " I'm taking. "I heard that Kyle behind me. I smiled and got on the shoulders of his s, and I was against Li in the pool. We were all smiles when n the battle began, and I won, and that I liked the pool. seemed angry smiled. " Now, who wants to tear it down ? " Li shouted happily. Then Cale arrived at the pool with an amateur guy 15 years old. Have the pool, , and Cale was on his shoulders, as they began to fight. Was soFun, and smiled and stickin ' our languages. Cale then pushed me roughly, and almost lost his balance. He had his tongue and laughed while n. I approached him and began to push, but he did not move. he got a little rough... This is the worst problem of Cale. he gets very competitive over time. " Cale, a calm. "I said, but it seemed like I was on a mission. Is kind of funny, though. I let him push me to the pool, and relax and laughed at him. We swam for a while, and I wanted some time to relax, so he swam to the other side of the big pool. There was no one to can be seen, so I just swam to the island in the middle of the pool and to relaxed. "Enjoying the party? "Brandon said as he left the water and the island n. His muscular body is still in development was wet and sexy. " Brandon, you just leave me alone ? "I said, sitting next to me. " Why? Fag boys love sports cock! "He said, pulling the tail. " legg gay does not mean you want to have sex with every man who has a hammer, ot hot, and since you're an average guy, I rather stay away from you! "I said standing up. " Your ass looks so damn hot chick ! " He said, licking his lips and let a groan. " You are disgusting. Do you know ? "He told me I dove into the pool and swam " Can we go now? "I said when I Cale and Li. " Well, I'm home with Alex. "Li said, blushing. " protection " he shouted with a smile, as Cale laughed. N " HA HA HA " She told Alex to swim. \\ \\ n " What is it ? I want to go home? "I asked Cale, as he smiled and nodded. This Cale night stayed home and played monopoly and watched a scary movie. It was fun to be with him. He is always so happy , and I love it. he's my best friend and always will be! slept quietly that the night, and it was great ! I woke up and woke Cale. We have to finish school , so they were able to quickly as we woke up a little late. Mark took us to school, and after a meeting with wITH Jenni, Jane, Doug, and I went with Cale. I was in school type When I heard someone calling me. I turned around and saw Jeff refused sexy against your car. I ran to him, and n the way to the back of your car through the eyes of someone. " I missed you, baby. " He said as he kissed my neck and pressed me against the the car. " I've missed you. " I gave him a kiss and left. We talked a little about what he did yesterday, and we were going to class. Kyle ran to me, Jeff immediately tense. "TY ! You have it with me Nn Preteens last night !" He said he was clean clothes, and pushed in my backpack. "Thanks ! This is my favorite shirt ! " Said he hugged him. " Did you have fun last night?" He asked as he walked away. " was the best !" I said smiling, as he smiled and went to school. I turned the conversation to stay, Jeff, and went in search of upset and start running with tears on his cheeks. " Jeff, what's wrong ?" I asked and immediately triedto hug him, but he pushed disgusted me. " Fuck Kyle, DAMN I thought he loved me," he shouted as he removed. " No, someone threw up in my clothes the night before, so I gave it to Kyle. You can make, dad, and ask Caleb," I said softly. " Really, why give him a hug like that?" Exclaimed reproachfully, with more tears. " Because he was my friend, and I'm with my friends, no matter what they embrace, sex. " I said reassuringly, reaching for his biceps and massage is. "Sorry, honey. I have is crazy about you, and I can not lost. I can not. That would kill me. I want to be yours n only man. " Said while in the car I grabbed my butt, and me up a bit, so we were eye level. He looked into my eyes and pressed his lips against mine seductive. He kissed me and stroked my legs s as it did. We were each other in the mouth and tongue moaning have some exploration. " I love you, baby. PlEasy to tell me it's mine. "Jeff, while playing with my n hair and looked into my eyes. " Only me, "he said quietly. " I am yours and yours all, such as mine, and is not a s going to change that. " She said I kissed him again. He relaxed, hugged me and kissed my neck. I kissed him and felt his breath on my ear " You are my world. "I said as I kissed her. The school bell went, and I was discouraged by the bell, not be saved through him. " You are my big teddy bear. "I said, hugging him and laughed. The next chapter will be up sooon ! I hope you enjoyed this story, and as you may have noticed has Enter a staff. meaning I hope that gave you. D Thanks for reading, and I hope you like my story so far if not read my story together in a list, which is lustful revenge is called.. all the past, you should look up. mustin the first 50 floors. Thanks again, and please e- mail that I andrewgay41 hotmail. com, if as my story. Writer, if I call myself love the feedback, and are not too shy ask personally. Please enter the story I comment. Thank you, Stephen, for editing. You are awesome! N HOPE CHAPTER marked. Stick around because things are going to be steam!
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